20 April, Kavre

Gavin McCormack, a Sydney school principal is back in Nepal and after already building 2 schools in Newalperassi and Kavre in 2017, he’s back with an even bigger agenda.

After spending every school holidays over the last 18 months in Nepal Gavin is well accustomed with the local culture people and even the traffic.

Gavin is the honorary principal at Kathmandu Montessori Training Centre where he has trained more than 200 women over the last 12 months.

After seeing the impact of the new educational facilities he had built, he saw s gap in the education sector which could ultimately overhaul the education system in the entire country.

This week Gavin visited several schools including Brilliant Montessori school and Alive Montessori. Both set up by ex students of his. Whilst here he delivered new teaching materials bought with funds raised back in Australia. But his new project is something much bigger.

“Building a school may provide an education for 100 children each year but overhauling the education system in an entire country is a whole different ball game.” Said Gavin

Gavin will meet with the mayor and ministers this week to strike a deal to Aquire land in the valley to establish a teacher training facility. The training facility will have regular educational visitors from all around the world, it will provide state of the art training for teachers, but best of all each graduate that attends the 1 month course will leave with a fully integrated teaching program to take back to their school.

Gavin predicts that once the centre is fully functional over 1500 teachers will pass through its doors each year causing a dramatic change in the education system in Nepal.